Particle Emitter Flow [SOLVED]

I want particles to emit when the player is moving on the ground but not when they are sitting still on the ground or in the air. As it is no particles come out. I’m not sure if the flow stays as a flow of 0 or never changes back to 6 (its regular amount).

Seems like it should be obvious. I’ve checked other places and looked at this for like 2 hours and I don’t get it.

I think it’s about trigger once. Also do you have allow jumping again code somewhere else for your player2? If not then these events won’t work because conditions doesn’t change.

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No, i have tried it without the trigger once. I even changed the amount in the particle tank with the same condition and it changed the amount in the tank. I believe it is a bug because these conditions are correct.

If I understand your problem right, you want to create particles as long as the player is moving? For this you just need to add a create BlueWalkingDust action for the condition “Player2 is moving”. You create the particle emitter at a point on the feet of the player and set the lifetime of the particles according to your preference. Now particles will occur only if you move. There is no need to make an inverted condition for the case that you are not moving.

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If i do that they don’t stop flowing they all magically disappear at the same time and it looks bad. Also i don’t want more particles to be created while the player is in the air. I’ve tried every other way and this way(if it would work) is the only way it will look as desired. Every other way just hides and shows not stops the flow.

I really think it is a bug.

You can set the lifetime of the particles in the dialogue box (for instance minimum lifetime 0.1 and maximum lifetime 0.2) The look of the particles is up to you and requires some tweaking. I tried the basic implementation with the platformer example and it works, no particles are created if the player is in the air or stops.


so you’re trying to stop the emission of particles instead of deleting or hiding the particles? if so there is a stop emission action if I remember correctly(if there isn’t there is also a capacity changer action too) and then just delete when out of particles set true and that should be good I think

EDIT: I just checked and there is a stop emission but capacity by be better to use

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Ok I’ll try that and see if it give me the desired effect. Thank you so much for your help.

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Thank you in addition to Dronas advice i will try that.

I really appreciate the help!

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Final update I used the stop and start emission with my current conditions. My update of G Dev didn’t have the stop/start.

Creating/deleting does not look right.

I do still believe the change flow action may have a bug. Specifically when you set it to 0

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