Particles emitter object's spray cone angle error

Hi, first of all my gdevelop’s auto update function wasn’t working so I manually updated it yesterday myself. After the update to 5.2.173 numbered version, noticed despite the set angle of a particles emitter spray cone angle, all of emitters’ cone angles are set to 360 degree. anyone having same error or is it only me?

Thanks for reporting this.
5.2.173 was not officially released, which is why the auto-update is not activated yet.
We’ve reproduced the bug and it will be fixed in this PR Fix particle emitter spray cone angle by D8H · Pull Request #5720 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

The fix will be available in the 5.2.174 which should be released asap.

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After the last update(5.2.176), the particles stopped turning in the direction of movement.
particles not rotate

Previously, with such settings, the picture of the fish turned in the direction of movement.

Thank you for reporting this. It will be fixed in the next update.

From I observed on 5.2.172, images are not flipped but rotated. In your case, the sharks will be upsidedown.


Yes, it’s rotated. In 5.2.176 I can rotate this with such settings (but it upsidedown):
Is there any way to make the particle flip without changing the image (only with code)?

The image needs to be changed.

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