Particles start/stop in javascript code block

How do I start/stop a particle object (of which i have a reference to the obj, i can use ‘.hide(true/false);’ - but how do i stop the particles so that i can start it ‘clean’, as when making it hide(false) it still shows particles rolling around in the old position, so i would like to ‘start’ the process once it is in it’s new location, to be a little cleaner.

the code i use to move then show the particles in a new location (after previously being hidden for a time), ‘obj’ is just a reference to another irrelevant object.;

var winParticleObj = runtimeScene.getObjects(“winParticles”)[0];
winParticleObj.start(); << - this is the one I don’t know.

I would also like to know this, a simple start or pause particle object function would be very handy.

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I am not sure why you need js in that case but you should use particleEmitter.recreateParticleSystem().

I just trying to contribute.
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