Paste actions in iOS

Due to iOS not letting you close the keyboard at will, the onscreen keyboard will only disappear when there is no active cursor - this makes pasting actions very unintuitive.

The menu appears with paste not available, but the paste actions button is in the bottom right.
However, as soon as the menu disappears, the cursor goes into the search box which then brings up the keyboard, covering the paste actions.

There is no method for closing the keyboard unless the cursor is removed from the search box. If you tap above the search, it classes the entire window, so you can’t paste the actions, and if you click into an item, the cursor remains active in the search, so the keyboard doesn’t go away.

Two unintuitive solutions: click the magnifying glass in the search box or clicking Other Actions removes the cursor from the search box, making the keyboard disappear allowing you to finally press Paste actions.

Suggestion: the paste in the initial menu is disabled, enable it so pasting actions just works, or add paste actions to the menu directly if the paste method cannot be done.