Pathfinding - Not Moving to Correct Coords

I’m currently in the process of making a stealth game. I want to make a patrol that moves up and down over and over again.

What is the expected result

The enemy should goto their first assigned coords. Once it reaches, new coords will be assigned to where it should go. It should go back and forth.

What is the actual result

It does start to move to the first set of coords. However, once it reaches it, it is one pixel to the left of where it should be.

So it seems like new users can’t use more than one image. So I turned my whole post into an image

Let me know if you want any higher resolution screenshots. I’ll send them below

The pathfinder uses grids and for some reason its ending isn’t precise. I don’t know why. You can experiment with grid size or add the “reached destination” condition (with a trigger once) and set the objects position to the exact location.

I can’t read the events. If you want, you can add a pic of just the events.

Here’s an image of the events. Hopefully that can help :smile:

I played around with some of the event stuff and used the “reached destination” instead. It seemed to work! It is still a pixel to a left than intended. But at least it’s moving back and forth. Thanks for the help!

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