Pathfinding Troubles

May I know in what context does the condition “Destination reached” run? I put it as a subevent of the action “Move to a Position” but it never seems to “reach its destination”.

Another question, any hints on doing this:

Move from point A to point B if point C is not within a certain distance away.
If, when moving from point A to point B, but point C suddenly appears within a certain distance, move to point C instead.

You need to put it in a totally different event.

I’ve tried this:

and this:

after it is done moving, nothing ever happens at 2.

and here are my Pathfinding properties:

And, does anyone have (an) example(s) of flood-fill algorithm in GDevelop?


You ask everytime the object to move to a destination. As GDevelop just check after the frame if the object reach the destination, Then, the object is never at its destination.

Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, you could try to use Advance > Trigger once while true, or you could start the movement once (e.g. when scene is loaded or with this trigger), and then do a condition:

If destination reached then move to tile…

If you want to move it again when the first destination is reached.