Pathfinding Tutorial / Basic Pathfinding?


I tried doing the most rudimentary pathfinding test using the pathfinding automatism, just a character who moves from point A to B, but I can’t get it to work. I’m assuming there is more to it than just using the “Move to a position” action under “pathfinding automatism”, and I was hoping someone could explain it to me.

I’ve attached a zip file with my gdg and the two asset pngs I use. (6.38 KB)

Yeah, it sems that Patfinding is broken for native games, even the example doesn’t work for native platform :neutral_face:
Try your game in HTML5, works fine :slight_smile:

Damn. Is there an easy way to port a Native project to an HTML5 Project? Because my group has already made a prototype in Native that is 100+ events and a ton of assets.

Open the extension dialog, right click on “HTML5 games” and you can enable the platform. (You can also disable the “Native game” by right-clicking on it). Don’t forget to reopen all the scenes.

Ah thanks! I guess someone should add that the pathfinding automatism is broken for native to the bugtracker.

Added. :wink: