Pause menu serious issues

I have a pause menu that works perfectly on my Level 1 but when I copy the events over to level 1.5 it does not work correctly.

I can get the pause menu to appear and disappear but the down and up events do not work

These are my events

Level 1

Level 1.5

Not sure why this isn’t working maybe I made a mistake in the copying over but if anyone can point out where it is wrong I would greatly appreciate it .

I tried a External events to make sure it wasn’t just a copy and paste error and it works on level 1 and 2 perfectly but doesn’t work on level 1.5.

This is level 1.5 events if anyone can tell me if they can find if an event

Got it working I don’t know why this happened only way I could do it was to create a separate object called pause 1.5 and create a object variable called pause_Menu1_5 although the pause menu is a global object.