Performance drop when switching from one scene to another

Hello! When switching from one scene to another, my game performance drops. If you restart the browser and open the problematic scene separately, the performance is excellent. The performance drop occurs when switching to this scene from the previous one. It feels like the cache is being clogged somewhere.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any help if you don’t provide any details.

I made a platformer. I’m testing it on an Android smartphone, in the google chrome browser. The platformer consists of 10 levels. Level 1 shows 60 fps. When I pass level 1, level 2 loads. It shows 25-30 fps. If you close the game and start level 2 immediately, without passing level 1, then level 2 shows 60 fps. There is no such problem when testing the game on a PC. I have android 7 on my smartphone, maybe it’s too old.

I want to clarify a little. FPS drops when playing the same level again. At the first passing of the level, everything is fine, when repeated, there is a slowness. After restarting the browser, the scene works fine, but only the first playthrough. It feels like memory is clogging up somewhere. The problem is only on an Android smartphone.

Thanks for the details.
So the issue is not linked to level 2 specifically, right?
When playing the same level again, how are you resetting the level?
Do you suffer from the same issue with liluo build, APK export and network preview?
Try another browser, I recommend Firefox, and try incognito mode on both.
Let us know how all of that goes.

Hi! Thank you for your attention to my problem. The problem occurs at any level, when passing it for the second time. The problem is better visible when passing the level for the third time. Or when moving to the next level. On the build, on the apk and on the network preview, the problem remains. Firefox immediately began to show an understated FPS. Incognito mode didn’t help me on both browsers.

I tried the first level a few times on mobile and didn’t notice any performance drop.
Maybe your mobile doesn’t support some of the visual effects? :confused:
I noticed you have some layer effects in the menu, not sure about the levels.

You can use the performance profiler in GDevelop to look for potential issues too. :person_shrugging:

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Thank you so much for your help. Maybe the problem is in my old smartphone. I’ll try to get a newer smartphone and test the game on it.

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I checked the game on the new android, everything works fine. The problem was in the old android.