Performance vs Resolution and sprite size

Hello there
Actually working on a RTS game.
I read somewhere in the forum that it’s better to develop an android game in 16:9 resolution to fit to android mobile devices. So I’m working in 1024/576 with original sized units sprites.

I would know if a smaller resolution with “custom resized” sprites ( resized by gedevelop) would be less performance consuming.

I would also know if there is a trick to replace “separate enemies”. It seems very performance consuming with all the collisions checks. ( i would like to show a bunch of units at the same time and i don’t want them to hide each other)

At last i would like to know if animations number of frames has a great impact on performance. For example is there a big difference between 2 or 7 frames for a walking animation?

Thanks and sorry for my “english”

Many active users here speak French too, so feel free to write in the French subforum.
For performance:

  • regarding the size of sprites, I suppose that in the end, the kB file size of the sprites is what matter (and the number of instances, of course), so choosing smaller files should improve performance.
  • I don’t know what you mean by “a trick to replace separate enemies”.
  • the difference between 2 and 7 frames is… 5 frames. :grin: if it’s a 8x8 px image, there won’t be much of a difference. If there’s 100 sprites of 500x500 px each, you will probably feel the difference.

Thanks for your answer

“A trick to replace separate enemies” : there is an action event that separate objects using their collision masque. I think it’s very performance consuming so i would like to know if something else is availabale to seperate my objects.