Permanently change particle color

Hi, I’m wondering if there is an action to change permanently the color of the particles emitted by a particle emitter.

  • :x: I tried with an action that changes a parameter of the effect Color Replace. The action works, but there are too much particles and the frame rate drops.

  • :neutral_face: There’s the action Change particles start color of [ ], which is evaluated each frame. It seems to have no impact on frame rate, and I’m using it.

  • :dart: At the moment this is the only “color this” action I have that needs to be run each frame. I cannot put it in the group of the others “color this” actions (they are run just at the beginning of the scene), therefore my question.

Color changes are already permanent? See: game.json

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Thank you. Indeed this action does a permanent change on the instances already spawned.
I didn’t get it because there were no instances of the particle emitter when the action was true.

I now realize I got a different behavior because I wanted a permanent change on the object itself, so that when I spawn that object the new instance has the color I want.

The right question is probably: Can an action change the particle emitter object property Particles Color so that every future instance of it has the wanted color?

(Use case: when the player reaches a bonus a trail appears behind his character. A single particle emitter attached to its sprite was my original idea, but spawning a particle emitter each frame behind the character looks better.)