Physic 2.0 - Moving Platform and Character

I have problem with my main char of game. I made two moving platform with physic 2.0:

  1. Is moving right and left
  2. Up/down
    Everything is ok, until I jump at the platform, when im using first platform, platform is moving, but character is standing in the same position, he isnt moving with platform.
    When Im using second platform (up/down) - platform is goin up - everything ok, but when platform is goin down - character behave like falling

How I can fix this?

Your character has the Physics behavior?
Can you show a screenshot of the game, and screenshot of the Physics settings of your platform and character?

Hi Gruk!
Thanks for your answer! ;D
I can upload screenshot tomorrow, but now I can tell u:
Platform got physic 2.0 behavior & sine movement
Player got only physic 2.0 - im controlling the character by adding velocity.

Im tryin to make :
-the player move flush with the platform, in the same direction
-act two objects as one organism

Great example of this what i want is connection: standard character behavior + moving platform behavior
When player jump on platform, player is sticky to moving platform, and player can move in right/left direction without any problems between the physic differences of two objects

Best regards!

Avoid using Physics with other behaviors handling object movement.
You have to use the Physics actions to move them.