Physics 2.0 causing Facebook Instant Games Crash

I have two objects with Physics 2.0 enabled, with default stats (platform is set to static and ball is dynamic). In all platforms except FIG on mobile, they collide normally. Once I play the game on my phone, as soon as I start it up, there’s already some stuttering going on and when the objects collide, the game crashes. I can’t, for the life of me, figure it out.

There’s almost nothing going on in the scene, as it’s my start screen. I spawn a ball, it falls onto the platform, and it freezes. This makes me think Physics 2.0 doesn’t support FIG mobile, but that can’t be true. Thoughts?

Edit: I tested this on the website version of Facebook gaming (I was using the app) and it worked perfectly. Maybe there’s a bug with the app?

Can we see your eventsheet? and if you have one, the error?

The freeze (no error msg)

The scene

Sorry I couldn’t put them all in one. I’m too new to do that apparently. Thanks for replying, though!

The events