Physics and tiled sprite objects

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’m trying to create an animation where my player pushes a boulder and when the boulder comes to end of the platform - a tiled sprite object, it should fall .

If use the physics collision condition then my boulder just falls through the platform.
If I don’t use it then my boulder doesn’t fall through the platform but it just hangs in the air once it’s been pushed beyond the edge of the platform.

So my question is: Do I have to use sprite objects for my platforms if I want to be able to use physics?

Edit: I’ve found how to do what I want without physics but my question remains :unamused:

Why are you using an events using the physic collision condition as (if it’s well configured) the objects are already stopped by the automatism itself ?

Good question. Because when I first tried, my boulder wouldn’t fall. So I thought I had to use physics. But then I poked around a bit more amongst the possible actions and found what I needed and so I don’t need physics for this.

But suppose I wanted to create a ball that can be thrown into the air (with a curved movement) and then bounces when it hits the floor - would I need physics to do this? and if so, would I have to create a sprite object for my platform?

Sorry if my questions seem a bit dumb but I’m experimenting with stuff and find it difficult to find the info for the different actions and exactly what can be done with them in the online documentation.

You can use Physic in this case : add the automatism to both the ball and the platform (which can be a tiled sprite). Then, set the platform as a static physic object (in the physic automatism config) so as the platform will not move but will be an obstacle for the ball. There is nothing to do in the events.

Cool, thank you. All the examples I looked at were using sprite objects as platforms and I was worried that that would be the only way to do it.
Have a nice day :slight_smile: