Physics Collision


This is regarding an issue that I have with Physics collision in the latest version of GDevelop (i.e. .138), however, when I install the older version the issue disappears. I’m not sure if it’s an issue with something I’m doing or if it’s a Bug?

So the scenario is that I’m doing a Physics Collision between a Player and a Ghost, when the condition is true (trigger once) an action is executed only on the instance of the Ghost that is colliding with the player - this works perfectly fine in the older versions of GDevelop. However, in the .138 version, the action is executed on all instances of the Ghost (which is not what I desire), even if the instances are not in collision with the player.

Would anyone know what is going on here. If required I can simplify the code and paste a screenshot.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for reporting.
Yes, please share a screenshot of the events or better, a simple example project reproducing the issue.
A bug was introduced in v137, it was supposed to be fixed in v138, but maybe it wasn’t fully fixed.



I’ve shared a screenshot of the simplified code. Just for demonstration.

So in the first screenshot, an object Ghost1 is created at a regular interval.

Now, after the Player and Ghost1 collide the actions in the second screenshot are executed. However, after the first Player-Ghost1 collision (after running the game), some instances of Ghost1’s that are created after that time point (i.e. the first real Player-Ghost1 collision) are also recognized as a Player-Ghost1 collision although that instance of the Ghost1 is on the other side of the screen and the actions are executed on the Player and on the Ghost1 that has not collided.

Would love to send a sample project, but will try and do it when I have some spare time in my hands.


From how you describe it, it looks like an instance-filtering issue rather than a Physics issue.
When you make the sample project, zip the folder and send it on, for instance.