Physics hitboxes messed up with event-generated terrain

I am making an infinitely generated car game with the physics engine. Right now the terrain generates fine but when I try to drive on it my car hits into invisible barriers and the wheels sink into the platforms. You can download the project here:

Can anyone tell me what is going on and how to fix it?

I see the issue, I don’t know what’s causing it, I wonder if it’s because you use a standard object rotation instead of a Physics-based rotation. :thinking:

Yeah, I was thinking that too except physics rotations arent working for me. Can you tell me which physics action I should use to replace the standard object rotation (works the same but with the physics engine)?

I confirm the issue is because of the standard angle action.
Angular impulse is what you need, but you cannot rotate a static object.

ok so i should use kinematic then? ill try that

angular impulse on kinematic didnt work either. ill try dynamic with 0 gravity

Note that a kinematic object is moved by changing it’s velocity. Applying a force or impulse to it will not move it, nor will collisions with other physics 2 objects. You need to change it’s velocity in an event action to move it.

I need a way to make sure the platforms stay in place, like static objects, but rotate exactly like if I used a rotate towards position action and still work with the phys2 engine.

If you need the Physics 2 object to interact with others without moving position but still rotate, use a revoluteJoint to stick it in place. See this GDevelop example for more joints and how to use them.