Pirates of oldestra (veryy poor my game)

To show how easy is crating games in Gdevelop i create simply ship war game(very simple, very poor :slight_smile: )
kongregate.com/games/Andrzej … f-oldestra
This isn’t sea dogs, but… No it is not very good game :slight_smile:

Has little fun but interfaces design and game graphic is not very good. Anyway, this come from no easy, right? This is good work, just need more graphic. :slight_smile:
P.S: Why no English can choice? :confused:

I think it’s fine for an early game. Just try something harder and/or different each time you make a game.

On this game:
-Make sure there is a clear way to exit the game back to the main menu.
-The cannon balls hit the enemy ship before they actually touch it. Make sure you collision box is only where the ship is on the sprite.

@ Armcoon
i check and You can play with english texts. i don’t know why when use arrow keys page is moving…
@Mats ok i check collision mask and add back to main menu