Piskel is not working sad thing happend to me

i made the width really width and this happend.
piskel is not wokring anymore :frowning:
please help me, i reinstalled it, i put my work in another folder, i did anything.
the only thing that i can do is to reset my whole computer to make this :frowning:

If you’ve already reinstalled, not sure there is much else people can do to assist.

Keep in mind piskel is just a bundled tool, and not part of/a required part of the engine. You can use any art tool you want and import the assets, like pixelorama or libresprite.

yes i know, but i just want to fix it. can you help me please?

The above statement remains true, sorry.

Is it always like that? What happens when you try to open an existing image? Does it come up? Check the various settings. Was the default size set within piskel set to some extreme number?

Maybe we can learn something from the console: in the window of Piskel, can you open the developer tools with Ctrl+Shift+i? You should see something in the console. Can you copy paste it here?