Pixeljunk after the last update in Mobile Preview

How do I…

Yes, how do i clean up the mess the last update brought! it is extremely frustrating to work on a game and then after an update it is broken.

What is the expected result

On Desktop i can see my game and play it without any problems. if i open up the preview on mobile i only see pixel junk. i deactivated all Code so at least i should see the canvas with objects. to be clear: before update everything worked just fine!

Explain what should happen when you run the game.
On Desktop everything is working fine! but on the mobile preview i only see pixel junk. even if i delete most objects to narrow it down.

What is the actual result

Pixeljunk on mobile preview. i cant tell you how angy i am @gdevelop. if you update you game engine TEST IT!!! Interestingly if i publish my pixeljunk, it looks correct. only the preview in the iPhone app is broken (yes, i reinstalled it)…

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