Platform jump through freezes

Platform jump through freezes player in place if using a force a into it.

Are you forcing the jump down through the platform? That’s not how it’s designed to work.

Instead, consider disabling the platform behaviour on platform objects (not the player character though) so that the player drops down, testing until there is no collision between player and platform, and then turning the platform behaviour back on.

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Im trying to have the jump thru platform act like a platform and stop the player when a force is applied instead the player sinks into the jump thru
I tried disabling platform behavior whenever player is below y but that just has the player drop whenever a force is applied to it on a platform

No need for those repeats. All you need to do is check for a collision between player and BluePlatform, and then separate the two objects (so that player moves away).

Here’s a snip that works (RedFloor is the jump through platform) :

BTW, those repeat events are not the most efficient way to do it. My understanding is that repeats can be processor hungry. You should do the minimum you can. In this case, one repeat with no conditions, and then 2 subevents, one for each condition.

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