Platform jumping issues

I’ve taken the BasicPlatform game found in the Examples folder as a basis and made some adjustments to a simple platform game, but having some problems figuring out why the jumping seem to be randomly behaving strange and basically making the jumping stop working. Does anyone know what could be causing this? It seems like the ball for some reason is not always falling all the way down to the object that the collision is tested for, but I have no idea what this could be.
Test.rar (18.6 KB)

You just had a BAD LUCK :wink:

13th event should have “Do =0 to variable Jumping of Ball”. Now it works.
Can you help me in exchange with my platforming issue?

Thanks a lot, that did the trick. As to your project, I have to admit I’m kind of new to this program, so I don’t think I contribute much at the moment. However, I’m starting to like it more and more, so hopefully I can help out some time later :slight_smile: