[Platform Shooter] I need help please :D


I would like to make a platform game a little special, like Super Mario with weapons, but I encounter a little problem.

Let me explain why:

I have the animation of my character without a weapon. I would like it if, in collision with the sprite «Weapon1», it becomes equipped with it, that is to say that the animation of my character changes so that we see him equipped with the weapon in his hands. and, once the collision is over, the sprite of the weapon on the ground is removed.

My question is: Is my logic good? because when I test it with this code it does not work at all, my sprite does not change the animation.

Do I have to use values? Like for him to shoot or pick another weapon and drop his current one ? or (knowing that I would like to integrate a dozen of weapons, do I need 10 sprites and 10 different animations?)

I am new, of course, I am not asking that you make my game, it is just that I find the software very good and useful, in addition to its free compared to Clickteam Fusion which are more more expensive, but this software lacks tutorial I find…

Happy evening: smiley:

PS: Sorry for my English, I’m French but I want to be better in English :wink:


Your logic is correct, but there may be some problem with the code events. If you could share some screenshot, that would be awesome :slight_smile:

Here, That’s what i’ve made :smiley:!

I think it’s not working because of the clash in two events.
In the Animations group of events, you are checking for Joueur is on floor which is true when the player is on floor, at any point of time.

In the Armes group, when the player has the MA5B, it again checks checks for the player is on floor condition as a sub-event, but the condition in the previous event “Animations” is already active and setting animation to Run/Stand, and that’s why the MA5BRun/Stand isn’t working. That’s what I think is the problem.

I have also problem like this

Just to inform you i have a tutorial on that. It could be useful.

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