PLatform Snail Only work once

Are you using object timers?

i m using object timer

Then whats for object timera

What do you mean? What event should you use to check object timers? Or something else?

Can you give a screen shot of how you are using the object timers?

In the child event where the snail timer is greater than 6 seconds, pause the timer after it is reset. Otherwise it keeps on ticking.

Done but still same prblm,

Can you screen shot it again?

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Hi, keep that pause timer on the top of event

Not working
i guess we will just leave it.Thanks for time!!! Mr men and mixen

Don’t give up. Can you screenshot again

Thankss! and here u go bro screenshot

No, the reset will undo the pause.

Yes thats what is happening Now its undo the pause or something like that

Yes, that’s what will happen.

So to understand the problem you’re now facing. When a number of snails are jumped on or shot over a period of a few seconds, they hide, and then all unhide at the same time?

Not up there, on the same event

But on the top

NO - The reset will override the pause.

Yess the reset is overriding the pause

What about on the top of event, before resetting