Platformer Animation Behavior Bugs in a 64 x 64 Game


I was told to come here, from one of the mods on Gdevelop’s discord and submit my bug here for reporting. I had to create a 64 x 64 sized game for the LOWREZJAM on I ran into lots of issues trying to change my character’s animations. I’ve enclosed a screen shot of my “workaround” to get the player to change his animation.

I’m using Gdevelop 5.00-beta 511

I don’t have a copy of the original code that had the bugs, but it was your typical

"if hitbox is jumping, change name of animation to “jumpingNinja”
"if hitbox is on floor, and not moving, change name of animation to “idleNinja”

This is where I ran into the problem was idleNinja, versus walkingNinja. He was literally gliding across the floor. Jumping, and ladder mechanics all worked. Even my custom bullet events.

I tried “trigger once” on everything. The workaround involved my hitbox colliding with the actual platform sprite itself instead of the built in “on the floor” events.

Thanks guys for this amazing game development tool.

I have to say never saw such an implementation to move the player ufff. try a better way with some sort of state machine check this GDevelop 5 - State Machine Combo by Games Igniter it’s a starter of a state machine to control all the animations of the player.

For instance:
I’m guessing here but I suppose that the Hitbox has Platformer behavior
Idle will be reduced to
If player not moving Play IDLE
If you plan to use jumpthru then add to your player a Fall animation so when he is in Jumpthru action play the Fall animation instead of Idle
And a lot of things to do…

Did you check the animation loop?
Edit: On ladders action, I also did something like that, to pause my Player’s animation, I also ran into some bugs but I fixed it by doing “If Player animation =/= “climb”, play the animation of Player”. Why I tell you that, because this may be causing the problem and not actual thing.