platformer help!! WASD movement and physics

can some one tell me how to make a platformer game with wasd movement with physics please and you can also send a link to a video that would be great thanks :cry:

Basically you need three or four events:

If “A” is pressed: set lineal speed X = -ObjectSpeed #ObjectSpeed = any value (i.e. 5)
If “D” is pressed: set lineal speed X = +ObjectSpeed #If speed Y is required, put Object.Physics::LinearVelocityY(), it’s the object speed Y (if the physics automatism is named “Physics”). Other way, if the object is falling down and you press “A” or “D”, the object will move at left or right but will stop falling :astonished:

If you press “W” and you collide with a platform: add a force on the Y axis (negative value is up)

Anyway here’s a little example: (10.2 KB)

I found a video about GD platform, but it’s in French :neutral_face: :

I don’t know if you forgot to write something :confused:

Anyway I assume you’ve noticed about the “Platform extension”, this make the platform creation easier :smiley:

EDIT: Ooh, I found the “Thanks”, I’m sorry, take a look at the platform extension in the latest version of GD, you’ll find it very useful.