Platformer player sprite not animating properly...

Here are some screenshots to show what I’m dealing with…

Animation 0 is supposed to be the four animation frames of my sprite (“Dad”) walking.

Animation 1 is supposed to be the two animation frames of my sprite (“Dad”) jumping/falling.

Animation 2 is supposed to be the one frame of my sprite (“Dad”) standing.

Animations 0 and 1 are set to loop.

See my events.

But when I test it, the walking animation never changes from Animation 0/Frame 0.

Jumping/falling does go from Animation 1/Frame 0 to Animation 1/Frame 1.

Please help me!


Try to lock the FPS by enable the VSync in the projects properties (right click on the Project > Properties). Sometimes, when the FPS is too high (> 1000), GDevelop doesn’t detect properly that the platformer object is moving and so the “not moving animation” is kept to true.

Thanks for your help Victor, but that doesn’t seem to work. I changed the project properties as shown here:

I even lowered the framerate considerably.

And I get the same problem when testing my game.

Delete that action which is in the red circle :slight_smile:

Yes, that seems to work! Thank you! :smiley: