platformer tutorial, tiled sprites in Win 7 and Win XP

Hi, I tried your platformer tutorial on Windows 7 and it worked fine. But when I tried it on Windows XP I ran in problem with tiled sprites. After adding one (GrassHalfMid.png) on the scene and trying to stretch it, instead of continuous line of grass floor I got groups of 3 sprites with gaps between them. The player doesn’t fall in them, but they look like holes. Any suggestions?

It’s a common bug of old graphic cards, they need textures with power of 2 size. If it’s not the case, the card resizes them internally and when the repeat option is checked, they repeat the entire texture (with the blank part).

Maybe you can find an updated version of your graphic card driver but remember that Windows XP is not supported by Microsoft anymore.

I’ll try to experiment with tile sizes first.