Plattform collectable bouncing coins

Hey guys,

i want creating “collectable bouncing coins” for my plattform game. i think i have to something with physic 2.0 right? Some one have any idea? The goal is, to spawn a random amount of coins e.g. between 1-4. they bounce a few times and can are collectable when they have a collision with plattform character.

You could use physics function for that. But if your game is pixelated, I suggest just having a sprite animation of the coin bouncing.

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it is a pixel game. very smart idea. i didnt thought about that. my idea of bouning coins was that they are able to bounce a bit away/fall …for example into spikes. so the player have to choose if coin is worth to get demaged. or bounce in diffrent directions. i hope you understand what i mean.

Well, you could still simulate gravity if you like.

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sounds great. can u you please discribe it clearlier?

I think you should try using the back and forth extension

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Hey, also this sounds great. can you explain a bit.? i can research better if i understand the purpose. Did you use it, in one of your videos?


Sorry i have used it in some of my videos but i never explained it. Its an extension which you can install from the project manager

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Ah okay I understand. Unfortunately I didn’t found a lot information what I can do with back and forth extensions. Or how I use them. Or see an example, or something that help me understand how it works and how i can use it…