Player does not behave as expected

After i look a lot of videos…
I started to make my first game, a platformer.:wink:

What could it be if my player is walking and
-at the begining of the walk he is jumping short (every time i press the walk button he jumps very short for one time first) and you see the feet of the player is under the floor for a short time
-after a certain distance of walking (by let the walk key pressed) the animation will change automatically to idle
-and if i do the animation for walking to loop (only for testing) and let the key pressed, he is first walking with animation good, then animation stops but he is “walking” (without the walk animation), then the same thing begins again (walk with animation good, walk without animation…).

What could i check to fix the problems?
My players event looks like this:

Please check the platformer wiki tutorial and builtin platformer example.

You have two identical conditions, with different actions.
Both are ture at the same time. Of course then nothing works as expected.

Sorry but this doesn’t help.:frowning_face:
Think the simulation was a problem, so deleted it.

Tested more ways… the issue is the same, every time.:roll_eyes:


You’ve very close on your third example. This is directly from the GDevelop tutorial:

Follow that link for more detailed instructions on how to set up Platformer movement.

Now it looks like this and the problem is still there!

Ok after loop the walk animation (only) this is solved:

-after a certain distance of walking (by let the walk key pressed) the animation will change automatically to idle

Do you have any other conditions that include pressing the Left or Right key? Do you have any conditions that include pressing the space bar or shift key?

No, that’s all!

At the moment the player has no jumping, climbing animation.

Do you have a screen shot of how the Player looks before you make him walk? If the Player is slightly below the platform object he’s walking on, that might cause him to jump up a bit. You say you can see his feet under the floor…which is weird because the Player shouldn’t pass through a platform object. If you have a screen shot or a video recording of this that might be helpful.

The video does not run smoothly but you can see 3 times that the feet of the player are under the floor.

But in game the movement of the player itself is smoothly.

Ok, this is only by this player character (animation).
If i use another player character with different animations, that problem doesn’t exist.
Nice, but hope we can fix it with the player that has the problem.:wink: