Player hit box clipping into platform?

Hello, I’ve been experiencing this issue for a while. I have 3 hit boxes for the player that switch between default, jump and crouch. The issue is when the down key is released the player hit box clips into the platform on the first frame when switching from crouch to default?

when you use multiple animation to the hitbox, always use the same image file with different hitboxes for each animation.

I have the different hit boxes as separate animations this how I have it setup?

please understand what you are reading!

Do you mean the hit boxes as one animation and use the different frames instead of different animations?

no. I mean the playerhitbox object size can’t change! can be different hitbox to the different animations, but the object size must remain the same always!

:hushed: okay thanks so to change hit box size if the hit box image can’t change I have to change using the custom hit box with different animations?

Yes exactly!

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Would a “trigger once” command on the down key press make any difference?

I had since added that but that didn’t fix the issue. I think the problem is using different hit box sizes.

Ah ok… What about if you try making the crouch hitbox a new object with a platform behavior?