Player land check

Hi! I am currently working on a game and am wondering if there is a way to check if my player character lands with a certain falling speed so I can make particles appear. thanks!Annotation%202021-03-29%20185424

If your player character has the PlatformerObject behaviour attached, then I’d look into using the object’s falling speed or deceleration, and combine it with Is On Floor (I’m not sure if “collides with” will work in this case, but you can try). One of those may have a reading that you can use.

You can use a variable.
If player is on floor:
Create particle emitter on player position, set particle flow to variable fallheight and Set variable fallheight to 0
triggered one.
If not on floor add timedelta to variable fallheight.

This way you can make the particle flow dynamic to the fallheight.