Player moves off screen and show new layer

Can someone please tell me why this doesn’t work. My game area is 640x640, and when the PlayerShip moves out of the game area, I want to hide the current layer and show a new one. Thank you for your help.


It should work.
Did you have anything before or after this event?

It could be the OR operator, which could be bugged.
Replace it by 4 events of each condition. Will work the same.

And be sure to add something to this event won’t loop forever as long as the sprite is out of 640x640.
Like “if layer base player is visible then if x <0 then hide layer base player and show layer freedom”.

Merci, mtarzaim. Your suggestion that you wrote at the end of your reply about looping made it work. Also, I had to rename “Base layer” to “” to get it to work. It does not work if you name the layer “Base layer”.

Here’s the working code: