Player not showing if placed on another layer than "base layer" [SOLVED]

Hi :upside_down_face:

Trying to figure out how to make the player show, if the player is placed on another layer than “base layer”.
If i have, lets say: “base layer2” above “base layer” and the player is in a collision with a hitbox, the player is to be moved from “base layer” to “base layer2”. This works but somehow the player is not visible anymore. I can move and jump with the player and the camera is following, but i cant see the player? Does someone have an idea on how i could resolve it?

“base layer2” is set as visible.

Do you have a background image on base layer 2? Everything on a layer above another will hide the content under it.
Make sure your background is on the lowest layer

“base layer2” is empty. Its just to be used for a second or two, just to avoid the player jumping behind something thats on another layer.
Seems that i somehow managed to get the character to show, i had to use -camera on object action with the positionX on “baselayer2”.
Thanks for helping out :slightly_smiling_face: