Player Scaling Incorrectly

Hey guys,
So…for some reason just in a matter of a couple of hours, when I scale down my character on the editor to test size, it distorts it and only the outer part (arm/gun) scales properly. The body and such stays big. No rhyme or reason that I can find. I do not have any scaling events, it just decided to not work correctly. I tested it this last night, and it was fine. I go back this morning and it’s not working right. It seems to scale fine when I go bigger. I have not had this issue since I started messing with Gdevelop a couple months ago. Anyone else have this issue?

I’ve tried putting a new version of the character out there, and scaling from the beginning and nothing is working. Trying to scale it from the beginning did literally nothing. Like, wtf?

I can’t reproduce it.
Does it work with just a sprite without an animation?
Only the body part in a new empty scene…

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Yeah it’s a weird one for sure. I can’t figure out why this would happen because I haven’t changed anything but some Z ordering of the bg stuff. The only solution I’ve found for this particular thing was re-importing the correct size sprites instead of relying on shrinking via mouse. It’s just weird that one part of the player would scale correctly but not everything else that was selected.