Player that produces light and darkening backdrop?


I’m working on the gamejam and I’m trying to make it so my player character will produce light. It’ll be a thing replenished from items or checkpoints, the level of their radiance dependent upon how much ‘light energy’ they have.

I also want my backdrops to be of varying levels of brightness, so that the PCs light production is a necessary and finite resource.

I have no idea how to do either. I’m rather new to gdevelop, but if pointed in the right direction I can probably figure it out as I have a lot of time/determination on my hands this week.

Thank you in advance for any and all help! ^,.^

You can use the light object and have it follow the player. The automatic lighting layer will also implement the darkened backdrop (you can change this as well). You can control everything with variables like you normally would.

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I was trying to actually make the player the light object and that was not working out. Of course I missed the simplest solution (as usual). Thank you!

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I don’t suppose you’d like to offer any further help?

I’ve tried a few things with attaching it, but none of them are working for me. I have my light, my darkened backdrop, my player that moves, my light set to stick, and events to make it stick but the light does not want to attach to my player. :frowning:

This is all you need.

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Thank you again!

I guess I was automatically trying to do stuff too complicated again. =P

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