Playing music for different levels

Hello everyone hope you are well

I am new to Develop only a few days I have been following the space shooter tutorial and i am taking it further by adding in more stuff however I can’t find a way of making different pieces of music play for different levels so far I can only make one track player which has the “start of beginning of the scene”


If you reuse the same scene for different levels, add a music action for each level with the corresponding level variable condition.

Hiya I could not quite get that to work however I managed to trigger the music with an object at the start of each level but an invisible object and the music triggers at the start when the player moves past it.

Just play each music on a diferent channel at the begining of the scene, one with the volume you want (that wiill be the one playing) and the others at 0, so when you go past this invisible object, it will set the current music to 0 and another music to the volume you want, like 100.