Playing the game

i think ive figured enough out to start actually making the game but just in case i need my practice game again i want to save it. so i clicked ctrl+s, but before i closed it i wanted to make sure it would work. (it would kinda suck it i lost all that progress) i looked to see where the game was located and i went to open it but it seems i dont have anything to open it with.

what do i need or am i missing something?

thnx again :slight_smile:

you need to compile the game.
Means you have to export it.

Your game is stored as a JSON file. It’s a text file filled with instructions that GDevelop knows how to read. You can open the file with the notepad if you want to take a look inside, but the proper way to open the file is to open GDevelop and choose File/Open…
If you want to be sure your game is saved, you can check the size of the file (> 0 kb) and the last modification date.

that would be awesome advice but i have a feeling if i did open it it wouldnt mean anything to me :sweat_smile: i barely understanding the coding i did myself.