Please add ability to zoom in/out in the event sheet

It would be really neat to be able to zoom in event sheet with ctrl+scroll. Maybe there already is a zoom feature like this, but I just don’t know how to turn it on or something.
(Sorry for posting it on github before I didn’t know it shoukd be posted here. Have a nice day!)

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There is no feature for zoom in eventsheet.
Is an option for increase the font size can help, it’s more easy to do i guess.
Why did you need to zoom in?

The easy zoom feature, when zoomed would help me in focusing on part of code I need to focus, or in seeing the code in larger scale when un zoomed. I also think that the default (current) size size is way too small for me. (like, this text about what condition and action does is tiny, tiny) (And the fact that I have vision defect also doesn’t help) An easy way to zoom or unzoom / make the eventsheet bigger or smaller would help me to quickly set the size to what my eyes prefer and “get” what code does/means way quicker and give focus on parts of code that interest me in the given time. I think that ability to change the font size would be good enough.