Please fix this. Cancel button!


Whenever an object or tile is canceled, in fact it does not cancel, it still creates the object as in the image!

This is kind of normal behavior, as cancel cancels the editing of the object, the creation is another operation, though I do think that this would be better UX

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I understand, but an empty object should not exist, in my view. At least in that situation.

While I can understand your perspective, at a high level:

As soon as you select your object type, the object is created. Everything after that is just modifying the new object’s properties. So cancelling just leaves you with a basic unmodified version of that type of object.

The cancellation has to happen before selecting the object type in order to cancel the creation, and that works as expected.

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Not optimal indeed, but when you need to add a new object to a new scene, just so that the list is not empty (to paste objects), it’s useful. :blush: