(Please help) Howto write a text with a png/costumized font?

GDevelop is very useful and offers a lot of functionalities, except for one thing: The texts.
It’s nice and neat to be able to write text using “basic” fonts, but what if I want to do my own fonts for the game?
I mean, I found a forum topic earlier using a sprite for a customized font text writing, but, it doesn’t write the text instantaneously, instead it writes the text one letter at once.
I’ld really like to have an answer about how to either improve an event so it could run all at once, or either finding a way that could kind of mimic it.

Well, it depends on how you want your text to be displayed.

Here’s a quick and dirty example on how to draw some text on your screen at the beginning of a scene at position (120, 100).
Basically you create a project, add a sprite object, add animations using your font characters and name them.
For example, the animation has the character A is named “A”, and so on.

I probably miss here something what you really want, but why don’t you make your own font using some font “making software” and change the font of the text object in GDevelop? Or find from internet different fonts made by someone else?

Or is there something why it’s have to be sprite fonts?