Please Help, I am stuck with dialogs

Hi, I am having trouble with Yarn, I can’t seem to find the error, when I press the button the text goes away and nothing happens. It works if I do dialog branch but it displays all the text at once.

Here is my code,


P.S. : Sorry for a bit messed up code, Inverted condition is for when I decide to hide the text, and to show it again when player is in collision, I removed action’s just to see what will happen with text. I also had timer conditions, I have removed them too as I saw in the forum that it might be the problem.

You need to create your timer before using it in a condition. Perhaps start it under your ‘Start dialogue from branch’ condition.

Here’s my events for a similar dialogue system to yours:

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Thank you so much, I have followed your code and figured it out.

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