PLEASE HELP ME. How to get rid of these warnings from Google Play Console?

I would like to publish the game and I came across two warnings messages that I am trying to solve on my own but without success. I know I can skip them, but i would like to learn how to dispose of them properly.
1.The first most likely relates to the extension “Mobile In-App Purchase”.
So can I fix this problem myself with someone’s help? Could someone be so kind and tell me what to do in steps. To edit this plugin to meet the new standards.?
2. Deobfuscation File? how to get it? did I miss a step?

Thank you very much for the help.


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I don’t know whether this works or not, But I think chat GPT May be able to help you with this. Just try uploading the current code in the extension in chat GPT and ask it to modify the code accordingly.