Point and click puzzle games.

Hey I wanted to ask can point and click puzzle games be made with gdevelop?
I know dix was made with gdevelop dix.thefrogstudio.net/ it’s kinda what I want in my game.
Anyways my first question.
Can scenes be relative? As if I open a door in a scene and go to another scene would my door be open when I came back?
My second question is it easy to have variables between scenes? I know very little about C++ and java. But if the player has a key and goes to another scene how can I make it remember? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi , yeah it could be possible to make that kind of game.

I think this is possible using global variable.

About the scene states, GD will not (automatically) remember, for example, a door animation when you leave the scene (there is a “scene stacking” idea in the roadmap that could make this possible, but just an idea yet). You could save the scene state in globals variables, but surely it is not easy :smiling_imp:
Have you considered the possibility of have just one scene, with every room and every object inside? This way you shouldn’t switch between scenes, but change the player/camera position. Since the scene is not switched, the game will keep the state for every object, from an opened door to a broken mirror or dropped glass :smiley:

Good idea i’ll try that :smiley:
Thanks for the help. I hope to have a demo or something if it works out.