Points dection not working how i thought it would

Video the issue i got is well if "WallGrabLow" point is not collision with "Group:Block" then Animation "Player" = "HandWallGrab" but this doesnt happen

I normally don’t post help stuff on here cuz discord normally does it good but I decided to put it here cuz I remember someone said I need help I should go here lol

It’s not clear on what’s happening. Ideally you should also include an explanation of what is happening - like what animation is shown.

I’m assuming the anmation you’ve got showing is WallGrab. If so, you’ll need to keep in mind that WallGrabLow may be in collision with one wall, but it’s not in collision with another wall. So the logic may not be what are you expecting.

You’ll be better off setting the animation to HandWallGrab straight off when you check the player isn’t on the floor, and then change to WallGrab if the point is inside a block.

sorry i couldn’t explain the issue cuz I wasn’t allowed to talk cuz of how late it was also as you see in video the point wasn’t in collision with anything, and it still wasn’t changing the animation and it should work how I put it cuz the inverted condition, also I decided to try inverting the point condition it self and it worked lol