Points need to consider for publishing faster mobile games

I joined Gdevleop less a month ago, it is really fun and i m loving it ,i was just practicing a game ,thought of publishing it to understand complete pipeline ( i tried to implement many concepts i learnt throughtout)

so here is my game for android


it is not smooth in mobile as in PC…

SO MY questions is

what points should i consider before publishing a game for mobile like size of assets,animation sprites,particles etc ,so that game is well optimized for mobile devices as well,
i have no plan of changing my published game but i m asking for future games, what points i need to consider so that my future games for mobile are well optimized !!!

There are 1000s of different things that could impact mobile performance, whether it be your device, the version of the OS, how many other apps are running on it, etc.

I don’t think there’s an easy predefined list you can go through for Mobile performance, unfortunately.

I would recommend reviewing these for more general performance ideas:

I would also ensure you don’t have any huge images or audio files (audio should be OGG or MP3, not wav, images should all be smaller than 1000x1000 pixels, etc)