Poll for game type like playing 😊

This is a poll to see what basic type of game people like to play. Poll will be closed after 100 votes. Tag with reply to quickly complete poll

  • I like open world game most.
  • I like shooter game most.
  • I like car game most.

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Mmmh, it’s a hard question for me, as depending of my actual mood I tend to like more one or another types of games…
But I think I’ll choose shooter for the poll.

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To be honest it depends on how good is the game concept is.


Thankyou for participating.

More types of responses would be welcome!

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@Amigo54 yes there are many types but it is casual division to include most played distinctive types. There can be many like card, turn based, puzzel and the list goes on…
Thank you for participating and your reply :grinning: