Poll of application stores

What application stores you use frequently.
Multiple choice is on.

  • Google play store
  • Amazon app store
  • Apple app store
  • Itch
  • Microsoft store
  • Slideme
  • Other

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Just a reminder 9 days to auto close.
At the end we all can have a meaningful result.

Please don’t bump your own threads.

Edit: for clarification, when I’m saying bump, I mean just adding another post to move it to the top of the list without detail or context. You can absolutely add posts to your thread if its adding detail about why you are polling, what it is going to be used for, etc. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand your reaction.

No, I don’t intend to block your account or delete the post.
I was (and am) simply stating that it is bad forum etiquette to bump posts with just something of “This closes soon”, especially as the forum displays how long there is left in a poll post.

I’m glad you’re passionate around GDevelop, and hope you remain as such.

While I understand you might not be pleased that your poll isn’t at higher responses yet, that is how it has naturally occurred. All users that haven’t seen the post will still see it show up in their “Latest” list which is linked at the top of the forum homepage. Because of that, there is no need to bump a post as it doesn’t effectively do anything differently, and just makes it seem like you’re trying to circumvent the natural flow of the forum which is based off user engagement in the threads.

If you had instead added a post on why you were asking for this data, or something with more context to the thread rather than just bumping it, there wouldn’t have been a concern.

This is not election I have no memorendum.
Just a poll which deserves notification before closing.
Just check how many users created account after this post.
I thought bumbing means creating a fake account. and taking rubbish between each other.
Please dont reply again otherwise it will bump it more. :sweat_smile: