Preload a Scene during a Loading screen

Hi all,

In order to improve the game performance I would like to preload some scenes before actually changing to those scenes so the game goes smoother.
Is this possible? is it also possible to preload a scene while showing a ‘LoadingBarScene’ for example?

Many thanks to the community

I do this: in the same scene that has to load, place the camera in a position (x, y) where there is a sprite that simulates the loading bar (simulates loading); I reset the scene timer, and when it has reached 2 sec (or 3 or 4 …) I move the camera to the position where it was preparing the game scene. From that point on, the camera will only follow the game.

The scenes are open when the scene are ready, if you want a loading screen or a waiting screen you can setup a loading sprite on the first scene and when the second scene will be loaded the scene will opoen up.

Hi, and how would you do this “when the second scene will be loaded”?
thank you!

It’s automatic, if you call a scene, when the loading is done the scene will open. In the meanwhile you stay on the first scene during the loading of the second.

oh! good to know! thanks!:))