Prevent "At the beginning of scene" condition being added to sub-event

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the “At the beginning of the scene” condition will never work if it’s added to a sub-event, since the parent event will need to be evaluated first and that means the scene has already started.

So would it be worthwhile making it so that the “At the beginning of the scene” condition can’t be added to sub-events at all? That might help prevent users getting stuck if they inadvertently do this, or avoiding confusion by making something possible that doesn’t actually work…

Or are there legitimate use-cases for adding this condition to a sub-event?

Is not working as far as I know the “Begin of the scene” runs only one time when the scene is loaded look in this example even the timer reach 3 seconds the begin of the scene inside the subevent in not executed.

I think that the “beginning of the scene”, means the condition is true at the first frame the scene is run. So it can be inside a sub event. It can be useful in many cases, at least for me.
For instance, if in some parts of your program some variables need to be set up at first frame. You don’t necessarily want to bring these datas events as principal events, it can stay inside subevents and will be done only at first frame.

(at first frame, the whole scene code will be read, the principal and subevents as well, so “at the beginning” event works fine in both cases)