Preventing IP theft

Hiya, I’m totally unversed in this subject, but does anyone know if games made in GDevelop can be easily pirated? I’ve looked into this and it seems like a relatively common problem where peoples’ games made in Javascript / HTML are decompiled and then resold. Does anyone know anything about this? I’m essentially totally new to this.

Thanks so much!!


If it’s a HTML5 web game, then everything can easily be copied by opening the browser’s inspector and pasting onto another site. Many web games on and Gamejolt can be found on shady sites that aggregate web games which I’m sure the creator did not upload to. It’s just the nature of the public web.

Even if you output your game as a desktop build, there are tools to breakdown the files. Basically, if someone wanted to pirate your game, they will. I used to be afraid of this and spent a lot of hours finding ways to stop it, but I soon realized it was a waste of time and was interfering with my development. Nowadays, I just want to spend my precious days on making the game.

In fact, if someone wanted to pirate, I would actually be happy coz that means there could be more people playing it. Of course, I am speaking from the perspective of a complete nobody and I don’t represent other developers here. I think if you’re popular enough, you would have access to a legal department (via a publisher or have the income etc) to handle that sort of thing. So if you’re like me, just ENJOY making your game and not worry too much about this!


Ah, I see. I guess it would be good in getting your name out there and building a reputation.

I’d hate to be that guy though, but I would like to also generate some income from it, just so I can actually go into this full time. I work several hours a day on it, and am getting tired of my job and am having more fun doing this, so it would be rewarding to be able to live off of the games if ya catch my drift.

The games may be in Javascript or in C++, on console or on pc, if someone wants to copy it, he will copy the source code or the game mechanics or directly dump the memory.
If someone is really motivated in any case the game will be copied.

The idea is not to make a game impossible to copy, it’s to make the one you like, if it’s copied it’s because it works and people like it!
Look at the battle royale type games, they are all the same.
Originally it was a mod of Arma3 games.
Free to make a second and a better version of the game then :wink:

You have to think that a lot of things have been created since humans exist, so there is a high chance that someone else did it your idea before you :slight_smile:


Just want to debunk something here, HTML5 games are not much more likely to be copied than PC games. On both, if you don’t add some kind of copy protection, people don’t even care about “decompiling” anything they can just straight up take the game files you made available and host a copy. On HTML games ,you can add a simple copy protection by just checking the url the game is on and if it is one of your authorized URLs (this can be done with the url tools extension), or for desktop games by asking the distribution platform (for example steam) via their SDK if they were bought by the user running the game.

Note that nothing is ever 100% safe, like bouh said any skilled hacker can bypass anything you try to use as protection, it is only a matter of time and effort. This should still protect you from most bots, script kiddies and lambda users.


Ah okay, thanks a million for the helpful information. I’ll take it to heart. You guys are champs.